Our products have become a must for the most demanding markets and applications, namely energy production, transport and distribution, petrochemicals and water treatment, merchant ship building, and the railway sector, including rolling stock and infrastructure.
All of these applications share the need for continuity of service. A plant shut-down frequently causes serious disturbances, financial losses and reputation damage. The aim of designers is to choose reliable and durable components, with high operation responsibility.
With a wide availability of models and options, in compliance with the most stringent standards, AMRA relays are used in a broad range of applications, and across many different sectors.
Choosing a relay calls initially for correct interpretation of the operating specifications and the environmental and operating constraints within which the component must function.

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Relays equipped with forcibly guided contacts (often identified as relays with guided contacts, or mechanically linked contacts) are specific relays designed to be used in systems with a high safety level. These products meet particular technical requirements imposed by the applicable standard and are used in safety systems in order to achieve the highest level of reliability.

All AMRA weld-no-transfer relays have the capability of managing both logic and signalling functions and power commands, operating in severe environments on inductive loads and with high currents.

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Energy, Power generation and distribution

Relays used successfully in typical applications including:

  • Protection, command and control systems for HV electrical substations
  • Protection, command and control systems for MV / LV transformer stations
  • Protection, command and control systems for power stations
  • Automation systems for transformers, alternators and turbines
  • Control and command systems of docks, dams and valves
  • Interfaces between protection or automation systems and HV / MV breakers, for alarm transmission and very rapid trip operations (trip relays)


Requirements include special capability for breaking inductive loads, a wide choice of contacts and functions, and fast switching times (trip relays).

Railway, Rolling stock

Relays for use on rolling stock for the following functions:

  • Door operation, brake systems;
  • Safety loop;
  • Pantograph control;
  • Lights and climate control;
  • Battery charge control;
  • Traction systems;
  • Rail traffic safety management systems (ERTMS, SCMT, ATS, etc.)


Requirements include the ability to function within very large temperature ranges and with a wide range of coil power inputs, in environments subject to shock and vibration. Safety-critical applications require compliance with EN 61801-3 and relays with forcibly guided contacts.

Railway, Fixed plant

Relays used on electrical energy and traction systems:

  • Protection, command and control systems for AC/DC converter stations
  • Line disconnect switch control cubicles
  • Supervision of voltage presence on power lines
  • Peripheral power supply systems
  • Trip relays
  • Power supply systems for railway signalling systems


Requirements include the ability to function in dusty environments, with high risk of electrical disturbances due to transients and harmonics, and significant input voltage fluctuations. Safety-critical applications require compliance with EN 61801-3 and relays with forcibly guided contacts.

Petrochemical & Heavy industry

Relays used in oil refineries, on commercial or merchant ships, and in heavy industries such as steelworks:

  • Protection, command and control systems for energy transformation and conversion
  • Production process instrumentation and automation cabinets
  • Medium voltage distribution cabinets
  • Distribution panels on commercial vessels and transport ships
  • Interface and distribution panels on naval ships
  • Motor control centre type electrical control panels


Requirements include the ability to function in highly unsettled environments subject to the presence of dust and moisture. Effective in breaking inductive loads and with a high operation guarantee.

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