The AMRA and AMRA-MTI product lines, both of which are manufactured in our factory in Macherio (Italy), allow our customers to choose from a wide range of solutions, from 2-contact relays to multi-pole devices with 20 contacts, and from monostable, bistable, fast (trip) and time-delay models, to special relays.
Part of the product range is designed for applications in rolling stock, in compliance with railway sector standards.
Over the years our relays have been approved by major operators in railway transport and in the electricity production and transportation sector.

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AMRA and AMRA-MTI lines offer shared characteristics in terms of performance, reliability and life expectancy. The various products are employed in roles demanding high levels of reliability, also in harsh operating conditions.

  • High breaking capacity, to work directly with highly inductive loads;
  • High isolation between power circuit and contacts, guaranteeing elevated galvanic separation;
  • Self-cleaning knurled contacts available for a large number of models;
  • Fast switching times for trip relays;
  • Availability of models with forcibly guided contacts in compliance with EN 61810-3 (previously EN 50205);
  • High immunity to electromagnetic interference;
  • Wide range of power input voltages, customizable on request;
  • Easy to install and maintenance free;
  • Wide choice of sockets for fitting (front panel mounting, rear panel mounting, with screw fastening, or spring terminals, etc.).

The choice of relay calls initially for correct interpretation of the functional specifications and the environmental and operating constraints within which the relays must function.


Relays with forcibly guided contacts (also known as mechanically linked contacts) or weld-no-transfer, are designed ensure that, in the event of a fault, the normally open poles (NO) of each contact do not assume the same state as the normally closed pole (NC).

  • when the relay is powered, if a NC contact fails to open, the remaining NO contacts do not close and further they keep a minimum distance between open elements ≥0.5 mm
  • when the relay is disconnected, if a NO contact fails to open, the remaining NC contacts do not close, and further they keep a minimum distance between the open elements ≥0.5 mm

All AMRA relays with forcibly guided contacts (also known as mechanically guided contacts) have changeover contacts and both the closing and opening circuit of a given relay can be considered compliant with the requirements of the EN 61810-3 type A standard.
Unweldable contacts, represent an indispensable feature for safety applications where there is the need to ensure that (NO) contacts do not assume the same state of (NC) contacts and therefore have the certainty of the possible re-reading.

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Thanks to the mechanical design and choice of construction materials, plastics and metals, these relays offer high shock and vibration resistance and are compliant with the most stringent standards concerning the fire behaviour of organic materials. This allows them to be used in the railway sector and on board rolling stock. AMRA relays are particularly suitable for use in applications with a high level of variability of the input voltage and for environments subject to significant temperature excursions.

  • Designed for continuous service, with high temperatures and throughout the entire operating range of the coil
  • High contact pressure, to ensure stability in the presence of intensive shocks and vibrations


Thanks to its design flexibility and modularity (up to 20 switching contacts for monostable and bistable relays) the line is widely used in the electricity production, transport and distribution sectors.
The particular configuration of contacts makes it possible to break highly inductive loads with high DC voltages (more than 220V) and to simultaneously conduct low currents typical of relay status check reading circuits.

  • Very high breaking capacity
  • Large range of fast acting relays for trip functions (TRIP relay)
  • Many product customization possibilities.

ENEL/TERNA APPROVED PRODUCTS Relays for production, transmission and energy distribution systems

Both AMRA line and AMRA-MTI line products have obtained approval from ENEL (a multinational energy company and one of the primary global operators in the electricity/gas sector) and TERNA (power transmission network operator and leading independent operator in Europe in terms of km of transmission lines managed).     
Approved relays in compliance with reference specifications LV15, LV16, LV20, for electricity production, transport and distribution systems, designed for use on command, protection, control and automation systems

  • Protection, command and control systems for HV electrical substations
  • Protection, command and control systems for power stations
  • Automation systems for transformers, alternators and turbines
  • Control and command systems of docks, dams and valves
  • Trip relays

RFI APPROVED PRODUCTS Relays for trackside equipment, designed for use on energy and electric traction systems

AMRA products and several products of the AMRA-MTI line have obtained approval from RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A., the Italian state railway company responsible for overall operation of the national rail network).
Approved relays and products, in compliance with reference specification RFI DPRIM STF TE 143 A for trackside equipment, designed for use on energy and electric traction systems.

  • Protection, command and control systems for AC/DC converter stations
  • Line disconnect switch control cubicles
  • Supervision of voltage presence on power lines
  • Fixed peripheral location power supply systems
  • Trip relays
  • Power supply systems for railway signalling systems

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